2020 Certificates and Documentation
***2020 C.D.F.A. Grower's Edge Certificate is available HERE***
2020 Grower's Edge Label
2020 C.D.F.A. K-Max Certificate
2020 K-Max Label

2020 is shaping up to be a challenging year regarding California's water
situation.  While we prepare for challenges of tightly managing our irrigation
strategies, it is important we also focus on maintaining the great strides we
have made in fertility management.  With the continued implementation of
mandatory Nitrogen Management Plans throughout the State, our challenges

In order to better help our growers to continue meeting these challenges,  
please take a look at some information on how GROWER'S EDGE (formerly
Eight-Eleven) will help you maximize your irrigation water efficiency and
minimize leaching potential

Be assured there are no changes in our product or rates of use, and you will
be receiving the same high quality, PATHOGEN FREE, material we have been
using with great success.  We appreciate your continued support and will
gladly answer any other questions you may have.

---Sales Staff, Ag Soil Amendments, Inc.         
certified GREEN and pathogen free
-Simplicity-         -Safety-         -Consistency-
The AG Soil Amendments website is designed to help you, the agricultural professional, stay updated
with our latest information and product offerings, as well as our new and upcoming products.  Please,
take a look around and don't hesitate to contact us should you need any literature or information not
found on our site.
Our Mission
AG Soil amendments is dedicated to bringing the agricultural industry the very
best and safest in organic fertilizer products.  Our products are not only certified
with W.S.D.A., but are also in the unique position of being certified
by independent laboratory testing.  What does this mean to you?  AG Soil
Amendments products may be applied to your crops via soil or foliar application
without any worries of pathogenic contamination. We guarantee it!
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