certified GREEN and pathogen free
-Simplicity-         -Safety-         -Consistency-
Grower's EDGEis a natural organic soil and plant amendment that supplies
organic matter to the soil/root zone and encourages vigorous growth. Improvement
of the physical characteristics of the soil leading to increased plant vigor may also
Preventative medicine for your plants.  Soil Maximizer inoculates your Soils with a
consortia of beneficial bacteria that suppress disease activity in the root zone
while increasing the plants natural defense mechanism and aids in disease
management by increasing the young plant's vigor and tolerance to environmental
stresses. Soil Maximizer's mode of action also allows for a longer residual effects
and is a valuable tool in resistance management.
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Last modified:03.02.2020
Eight-Eleven Blend™ has been superceded by Grower's EDGE.  You will still be
able to obtain Eight-Eleven Blend documents
HERE, and in our Document Archive