certified GREEN and pathogen free
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1. What does ‘Certified Pathogen Free’ mean?
  1. ‘Certified Pathogen Free’ means our product is certified by independent testing agencies to be
    free of disease carrying organisms, unlike some products which contain human waste and other
    unknown substances.  This means you can apply any of our products with the utmost confidence
    in worker and food safety, not to mention keeping your organic certifications safely intact.  We
    are the only compost product with a rock solid Biosecurity Plan

2. Why should I use this product instead of dry compost?
  1. Ease of application: With dry compost products, there are many additional costs such as
    trucking, spreading, compaction, weed control and incorporating the material into your soil.  
    With many farming operations moving towards non-tillage practices, it becomes very difficult to
    capture the benefits of dry compost – wind and atmospheric degradation take their toll when
    your compost is sitting on top of the ground. Our product can be distributed by your irrigation
    system which immediately moves the product to the root zone without the worries of the wind
    carrying it away.  If you are on a flood system, you can easily band our product into your furrows
    prior to irrigation using either your spray rig or any liquid fertilizer application rig.

  1. Accuracy of application: As we all know, it is almost impossible to accurately spread manure or
    compost products.  Since we are working with a consistent liquid product, you are guaranteed to
    get what you pay for and you will be able to apply it with no more difficulty than spraying a field

  1. Plant response: Unlike dry composts, our product is ‘ready to go’ once it hits the soil – you will
    be able to see the results quicker than you can imagine    

3. I’ve had problems with composts and manures in the past - How consistent is your product,
and can I store it?
  1. As part of our Biosecurity Plan, we have a rigorous system of load testing and product
    verification procedures.  You can be assured each and every load of our product is exactly what
    you are paying for and we have the load by load testing to back it up.  As a result of our product’
    s stability, you are able to store our products for comparatively long periods of time without any
    loss of effectiveness.  There are periodic agitation requirements that must be met and that’s
    about it!

4. What is ‘N-Fixing’, and why should I worry about it?
  1. In basic terms, N-Fixing is the process through which nitrogen becomes available for uptake by
    the roots of your plants. Since this reactive process, when unassisted takes some time, it is not
    uncommon to lose 30% to 40% of your nitrogen application just because it moved through the
    soil profile before it could be picked up by your plant.  Since our product is not prone to leaching
    through your plant’s soil profile and one of our jobs is to make nutrients more available to your
    plants, it is perfect for augmenting the ‘N-Fixing’ process and will result in a much more
    efficient use of nitrogen – ultimately decreasing your need for nitrogen products, while
    increasing plant uptake.  

5. I want to run your full fertility program…how many different products do I need?
  1. We hope you’re sitting down…you only need TWO products to run a full program!  Our Eight-
    Eleven Blend is all you need!

6. How much is your program going to cost me?    
  1. Our products are excellent at enhancing your fertility dollar and increasing the availability of the
    nutrients already in your soil.  With that in mind, you don’t need to increase your fertility budget
    for us – we simply ask that you reallocate a portion of your existing fertility budget towards our
    product and allow us to show you what kind of ‘bang for your buck’ you can get. Don’t forget -
    you’ll have a significant savings from elimination of specialized spreading costs and
    incorporation tillage… you’ll start saving money immediately!

7. When should I use your products?
  1. In a general sense, prime usage times for soil applications on deciduous tree fruit and grapes
    are from ‘bud break’ through ‘fruit set’ and during fall root flush (2 to 8 weeks post harvest and
    before leaf drop). Foliar applications should be made from ‘fruit set’ up until approximately 45
    days before harvest.

8. Will this product plug up my irrigation system?
  1. Our liquid compost product is triple filtered using 100 mesh screens.  This means you can run
    our material through your drip irrigation or micro-sprinkler, or even drip-tape systems without
    any concern of plugging everything up.

9. Can I tank mix your foliar product with other materials, or does it need a ‘special’ ride through
the field?   
  1. Our product may be tank mixed with many other materials without adversely affecting your spray
    mix pH, and can assist your tank mix as a translocation and intensifying agent. The
    compatibility of our material with other products you are using allows you to give your fertilizer
    a “Free Ride” into the field – lowering your operating costs even more.  Of course, you should
    ALWAYS ‘jar test’ new tank mixes before loading your sprayer to make sure everything works

10. How does your product help the weak areas of my fields?
  1. After using our products, you will notice the weaker areas of your fields will begin to even out
    and become stronger.  Your healthier plants will be able to resist pest pressure more effectively
    and as pest pressure is reduced, plant health will continue to spiral upward, resulting in better
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